The Bedford Open Epee Tournament 11th October 2015 Bedford Fencing Club Bedford Fencing Club

Quentin Berriman

Epee Coach

We are very proud to have Quentin on our coaching team. Quentin was six times National Epee champion, from 1995-99 and also 2002.  He was also in the winning team five times.  He was Captain of both Wales and the G.B team.


Quentin trained for 7 years in Paris, where he honed his technique and tactics.


He headed the UK rankings for almost a decade, has two Commonwealth silver medals, individual and team, 2 Commonwealth bronze medals - individual and team.  


He now offers this competitive experience, through both coaching and fencing, to Epeeists of the Bedford Fencing Club.


1995   31 Quentin Berriman (b. 1964) 1996   32 Quentin Berriman (b. 1964)
1997   33 Quentin Berriman (b. 1964) 1998   34 Quentin Berriman (b. 1964) 1999   35 Quentin Berriman (b. 1964) 2000   36 Simon Austin (b. 1964) 2001   29 Greg Allen (b. 1972) 2002   38 Quentin Berriman (b. 1964)